Miriam Lieu
Leadership Expert
“What is the essence of a successful leader? Though history communicates cardinal principles for unlimited success, the pivotal point of accomplishment lies within our active awareness to bring forth our subconscious motives into reality. Amongst all forms of leadership, it is vital to recognize that timeless success is not exclusively conducted by people of influence, but by leaders that genuinely pursue the betterment of humanity.”
Miriam Lieu is a real estate finance Consulting Partner at Lighthouse Financial and co-founder of Foodie Fitness, a Youtube-based community in Los Angeles, CA. Having led numerous leadership seminars and keynote speaking at universities, Miriam’s influence through intriguing yet rational approaches to philosophy in leadership runs deep in value with many students and young adults. With a great entrepreneurial spirit, Miriam’s outlook on leadership through her versatile experiences in network marketing, investment banking, real estate finance, and health & fitness has allowed others to acknowledge her as a highly aspired thought leader.