TEDx Studio

On behalf of our Speakers, the TEDxACCD team wishes to thank our attendees, volunteers, Partners and faculty members that made TEDxACCD possible. The event was a huge success and it brings us pride to hear stories of how the talks have helped spark dialogue, sharing ideas and have moved (both emotionally and literally) its attendees. We look forward to the next TEDx Event at ArtCenter and hope you will join us!


The world around us is made up of an assortment of complex systems, both natural and man made. Behind every system, there is a force from which everything begins. Through better understanding, you will have the power to disrupt the system and design a new world.

TEDxACCD is a platform for multidisciplinary professionals to share how they are discovering, exploring, and innovating the world through Systems by Design.

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Our Speakers
In 2015, ArtCenter College of Design held its second TEDx event. ArtCenter set a new standard of excellence by becoming the first TEDx team to have a semester long course dedicated to the preparation and execution of an independently organized TEDx event. The following are videos and highlights of our school’s TEDx journey.
Get a behind the scenes look at some of our speakers and how they bridge Systems by Design with their creative process.